Questions To Ask Carpet Cleaning Companies

Hiring carpet cleaning services should never be taken lightly. Most folks don't know what professional carpet cleaning entails. As such, they'll just hire a carpet cleaning company and leave it at that. Well, that is the wrong way to go about it. You'll need to ask the following questions to know if you are hiring the right company.  

What Cleaning Method Do You Use?

If you care about your expensive carpets, you'll definitely want to know how they'll be cleaned. For your information, there are so many carpet cleaning techniques. However, not all cleaning techniques are ideal for your carpet. As such, you must ask the companies to brief you on how they clean carpets. Companies that use a variety of techniques are reliable. You can trust them to clean all types of rugs and carpets without causing damage.

What Products Do You Use?

Some carpets and rugs are so sensitive that you just can't use any detergent to clean them. Therefore, you'll have to inquire about your preferred company's cleaning products. You can even describe the type of carpet you have and ask them what products they'll use on it. The company you pick should use eco-friendly products. Also, ensure that their products don't have harsh chemicals that might damage the carpet.

Do You Give Price Estimates?

Professional carpet cleaning isn't that expensive, but you still need to ask for price estimates. In any case, you'll still want to save money when possible. Therefore, you'll need to ask the companies you have shortlisted if they provide price estimates. If they do, you can use the quotes to decide which service suits your budget. Moreover, pricing estimates help you budget for the cleaning service.

Are There Extra Charges?

Before you give the go-ahead to any carpet cleaning company, you should ask if they have extra charges. This way, you'll know how to adjust your budget if additional charges arise. Most companies will give you a breakdown of their prices and inform you of any extra charges that may arise. Some cleaning companies may charge extra to move your furniture, pre-spray your carpet, or other standard services. So, ensure you know what you're getting yourself into.

Is Your Company Certified by the IICRC?

The other important question you should ask is whether the carpet cleaning company has a certification from IICRC. All professional carpet cleaning companies should have this certificate. This certification means the company has skilled and experienced carpet cleaners to do the job.

Contact a local carpet cleaning service to learn more.  

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