Exterior Painting Tips For Your Wood Siding

Wood siding is versatile and long-lasting. It can be updated with new paint to give it new life and can be repaired easily. It should be cleaned and maintained in order to keep it looking like new. If you are in need of some new life for your wood siding and are looking to paint it, this is something you can do yourself. It is going to require some prep work before you begin to tackle this big job to ensure the paint adheres properly. Read on for some tips to get this job done correctly.

Prepare Your Siding

Prepare your siding beforehand to help ensure your paint will adhere as it should. You need to clean your siding and do any repair work on the siding as well. If you have any rotten pieces of siding, replace them with a new panel or board. If your siding has old peeling paint already on it, you are going to need to either sand off the old paint or use a pressure washer to remove the old paint. Fill in holes using paintable caulk, as well as any cracks in the siding boards. This will help give your new paint job a more cohesive look, as well as help prevent moisture or pests from getting inside the siding. Clean your siding to remove algae and dirt and to prevent it from soaking through your new paint job. Clean the siding using a wood siding cleaner.

Paint Your Siding

Paint your wood siding using exterior paint made for wood siding. You need to be sure you have exterior paint so it will hold up to the elements. When your paint, don't go overly cheap with the paint, as it may be too watered down that you require more coats of paint. Fewer coats and more coverage are best when painting the exterior of your home. Too many coats may peel much faster. When painting, use good quality tools to get the job done, such as rollers and paintbrushes that won't leave behind bits of roller or bristles in your paint. 

If your wood siding is a little lackluster and in need of some new life, painting it is one of the most inexpensive things you can do to update your home. Hire a professional painter to help you get this job done to ensure it is done correctly and is done efficiently, so you can enjoy more of your own time.

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