4 Tips for Choosing a Gorgeous and Functional Kitchen Paint Color

The kitchen is the gathering place of every home. Not only does the family often gather in this space each day, but when guests visit, everyone often ends up gathering in this area. For this reason, you want the room to look great yet still be functional. Did you know that paint color plays a significant role in accomplishing this goal? Learn why choosing the right paint in the kitchen is so important. 

1. Think About the Cleaning Process

Always remember that the kitchen is essentially a workspace. It is the room where you cook red marinara sauce, and it is also the place where your kids prepare and experiment with their science projects. Without a doubt, things can get messy. An all-white or other brightly colored kitchens often seem like a great idea, but it can be hard to mask stains. Be sure to choose a color that you can easily keep clean. 

2. Remember the Cabinets

Whether you plan to paint your cabinets or keep them the existing color, always remember the cabinets before you begin your painting project. This step is so important because you generally want to create some level of contrast between the color of your walls and the cabinets. While the difference does not have to be intense, you do not necessarily want the cabinets and walls to be the same color. 

3. Test, Test, and Retest

The kitchen is not the room you want to paint in haste. You should instead take your time and test several samples. Collect paint samples for all the selections you are considering, then choose one wall in the kitchen and apply a strip of each color to the wall. Allow yourself several days to see how the color looks in the space at different light levels. If you work with a professional painter, they can help you collect the paint samples. 

4. Think Cohesiveness

The kitchen is often the centerpiece of the home. To ensure the room blends in well with the rest of the house, after your paint job, make sure you think cohesiveness. For example, if all the walls in your home are beige, you might want to think twice about painting the walls in the kitchen a bright yellow. The wall color does not have to match the other wall colors, but it should be complementary, especially if the home has an open floorplan. 

If you have plans to paint your kitchen, speak with a professional house painter for assistance.   

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