Building A Backyard Suite To Make A Vacation Rental? Invest In Exterior Painting

After living in your home for a while, you may decide that it has everything your family needs, which means you may intend on staying for many years. While you may have wanted to work on some projects, you may have been waiting to find out if the home would be suitable long-term.

If you are interested in owning a vacation rental that allows you to generate extra income and provide guests with a positive experience in your city and neighborhood, you may want to build a backyard suite. While you are working with professionals to handle this project, you should hire a residential painting company to make plans for exterior painting throughout your entire property.

Backyard Suite

Since you will be building the backyard suite from scratch, you should plan to paint everything, including the interior and exterior. But, while the interior can have its own style, you should make sure that the exterior meshes well with the rest of the property. One way to handle this is to use the suite as the start of a new look and overall style that you incorporate everywhere else.


To run a vacation rental, you will want to take a lot of photos to showcase your property. This means that the fencing will show up in some photos, and your guests will see it when they arrive at your home.

If the fencing is showing any sign of age, you should be able to make it look new again with a fresh paint job or staining. Also, you can let painters take care of pressure washing to clean the entire fence, as this will make it easier for the paint or stain to stick to the surface.


If you are making a secondary suite with a kitchen, bathroom, and laundry area, you will not need to let guests into your house for any reason. However, you should still make sure your house looks attractive, especially alongside the vacation rental that you will be listing online. By showing off a good-looking suite and following it up with a beautiful house when they arrive, you will likely give your guests peace of mind knowing that they are staying on a well-maintained property.

As long as the exterior of your home is in good condition, all you need to do is invest in painting the exterior features to impress vacationers.

While building a backyard suite to turn into a vacation rental, you should work on painting the property to impress guests in photos and when they arrive.

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