Upgrade Your Office With Fresh Paint, An Ocean-Themed Border, And Decor

If your new office overlooks the ocean and you love everything about the working space except the light tan walls that are beginning to fade, improve your office's appearance by painting the walls with a bright color, adding an ocean-themed border across each one, and adding some décor to the office that complements the upgrades.

Tools, Supplies, And Décor

  • drop cloths
  • step ladder
  • non-abrasive sponge
  • all-purpose detergent
  • water
  • small bucket
  • power drill
  • masking tape
  • latex paint
  • tray
  • paint roller
  • handle
  • roll of border paper (adhesive on the backside)
  • measuring tape
  • sharp scissors
  • seashells
  • glass jar
  • sand
  • artwork

Move Furnishings, Clean Walls, And Remove Wall Hangings

Move furnishings from the office and place them in the hallway. Place a stepladder inside of the office to stand on while you clean and paint the upper part of each wall. Use a non-abrasive sponge that has been dipped into a small bucket of soapy water to wipe smudges from walls. The detergent that you use should be mild and designed for use on a variety of surfaces.

If there are wall hangings secured to the walls, use a power drill to loosen hardware before removing the items from the walls. After the walls have dried, use masking tape to cover vents, electrical outlets, or any other items on the walls that are not going to be painted.

Paint The Walls, Add An Ocean-Themed Border, And Decor

Latex paint is a water-based product and will dry fairly quickly. It will provide the walls with a soft, flat finish. After choosing and purchasing a bright-color of latex paint, mix the paint and pour it into a paint tray. Move a paint roller across the bottom of the paint tray to coat the roller's cover. Use long sweeping motions to move the paint-covered roller across each wall. The initial coat of paint should be thin and even. After the walls have dried, apply a second coat of latex paint to each wall.

Think about what type of border you would like to add to the walls. Border paper that contains pictures of an ocean, sailboats, or palm trees are some types of paper you might want to purchase. Before applying a border to each wall, measure the width of each wall. Use sharp scissors to cut pieces of border paper.

Remove the vinyl or paper backing from each piece of border paper. Line the border pieces up with the walls and press the paper against the walls. Fill a glass jar with shells and sand and purchase some beach-themed artwork. After moving the furniture back into your office, place the glass jar on your desk and hang the artwork on each wall.

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