The Proper Procedure To Prepare Your Home Office For Painting

If you have decided that this is the year that you are finally going to paint your home office, then it is important for you to use the right techniques to prepare the walls for paint. With proper preparation, your home office will look like it was professionally painted when you are done.

Follow this procedure to prepare your home office for painting:

Step 1: Since you will be continually walking around with paint while working on your office's walls, you should start your project by removing everything you possibly can from the space. This simple step will keep you from tripping over things and spilling paint.

Step 2: To keep the paint off of any windows or glass doors, spray them lightly with water and place sheets of newspaper on the glass. The moisture from the water will hold the paper in place against the glass. Once you are done with your painting project, then you can easily remove the newspaper by pulling it up on one corner and then pulling it off of the glass.

Step 3: Walk around the room and remove all of the nails, outlet covers, and light switch plates that are on the walls.

Step 4: Using a small, flexible putty knife and a tub of premixed drywall compound, put a small blob of drywall compound in each small imperfection in the wall. Use the putty knife to scrap away any excess material to make the sanding process easier once the drywall compound dries.

Step 5: Using a piece of sandpaper wrapped around a small block of wood or a palm sander, sand each of the spots on the walls where you applied the drywall compound. Sand each area until they are flat and blend in with the rest of the wall's surface.

Step 6: Once you are done with all of the sanding, then you need to rub a tacky cloth over the surface of the wall. This will remove any dust or sawdust that could get stuck in your new office's new paint. Vacuum the office floor to remove any drywall dust that has fallen down onto the floor while you were sanding.

Step 7: Finally, cover the floor of your home office with a plastic drop cloth to protect the floors from paint damage. To keep the drop cloth from moving around as you walk, you can tape its edges in place on the floor using masking tape or painter's tape.

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