Commercial Painting In Brick Buildings: Three Approaches You Can Take To Add Color To Cinder Block Walls

If your business is conducted within a building that is constructed of cinder blocks and mortar, it may be very bland, gray and boring. If you want to add color to these walls so that they are not quite so depressing in appearance, there are three approaches you can request of your commercial painter. Each of these has its own features that you will find helpful in creating a brighter, cheerier work environment.

Concrete Paint

When a commercial painter has been asked to paint cinder blocks, the first thing you should know is that he or she has to use a special kind of paint for this job. Cinder blocks are made from concrete, and most commercial paint generally does not adhere well to concrete without looking like graffiti. Therefore, your commercial painter has to find, purchase and use a special kind of concrete paint, which not only adheres to concrete but refrains from looking like some kids took spray cans to your walls. In fact, this special kind of concrete paint ends up looking very nice, and the range of colors provides you with a nice selection of cheerier tones than the drab gray of plain cinder blocks.

Colored Plaster

If you want a less rough texture, you can ask your commercial painter about colored plaster. This plaster is mixed with paint and then splattered over the gray, cinder block walls using a plaster application gun and a pressurized tank. The nice thing about this type of wall painting is that it applies quickly and the color can be as dark or as light as you want it. While it does lend a very bumpy texture to the surface of the walls, it is definitely not as sandpaper-y as bare, concrete cinder blocks.

Modern Frescoes

Modern frescoes involve the application of wet plaster to the walls in your building, followed by some very quick paint applications by artful and creative painters. This specialty of commercial painting is not offered by every commercial painter, and you may even have to hire both a commercial painter and an artist or two to produce a collaborative work on all of the walls to which you want to add some color. However, the end results of these modern frescoes is that the cinder block walls inside your building are completely transformed in such a way that they no longer look like cinder blocks, but wall-to-wall art.

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